KCP is a British Psychological Society Verified Assessor for the BPS RQTU - Assistant Test User qualification. This standalone e-learning programme costs just £350 + VAT , or study for the combined Assistant Test User, Test User: Occupational Ability and Test User: Occupational Personality programmes for only £900 + VAT.

Who Is It For?

Holders of the BPS RQTU Assistant Test User qualification are typically HR assistants or working in consultancies, and are involved in routine recruitment and selection procedures or assessment for staff development programmes.​

Assistant Test Users are able to administer and score specific tests under the supervision of a person qualified at Test User level. They will have gained an awareness of broader issues related to testing and test use, of limitations and value of using tests, and know when to seek more expert help. They are not able to make choices about which tests should be used or provide interpretations or feedback of test scores.

Course Content

Understanding the distinction between different types of tests​

Distinguishing between tests of maximum performance and typical performance​

Understanding issues associated with testing, e.g. disability, practical arrangements​

Understanding different methods of testing, e.g. online, face-to-face​

Briefing candidates​

Administering tests to one or more candidates​

Scoring tests​

Ensuring test confidentiality and security​

Understanding the ethics of testing​


24/7 access worldwide

No attendance requirement

No time away from home/work

Work at your own pace

Continuous assessment and feedback

Practical sessions via webcam

Email and telephone support

Equips delegates to develop further to BPS RQTU Test User: Occupational Ability and/or BPS RQTU Test User: Occupational Personality

Can be combined with the TUA and TUP programmes for just £900 + VAT

Internationally recognised

British Psychological Society RQTU


HR Director

"Andy and all the team at KCP Ltd provide a first rate service for companies who wish to use psychometric tests within their selection or development programmes. Their expertise, training and support make them second to none. I have no hestitation in recommending Andy and the team at KCP Ltd."

Business School Lecturer/Consultant

"Thanks for an excellent week of training. All of us in the room have spent a fair while in the training business, so have run and seen loads of courses - I would rate this right up at the top"


"I am so happy I found KCP's totally online training course for the BPS RQTU certificates in ability/personality testing. I needed to learn at a distance and Hong Kong to England is certainly that. KCP's staff are truly helpful and patient with all queries. The teaching material is very interesting, easy to comprehend and logically organised. I actually enjoyed doing these courses. I can highly recommend this course to anyone with or without distance learning needs."

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Phone: +44 1273 487333

Email: service@kcpltd.com

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