We hope that you and yours are all well during this curious time.  At KCP, we have been busy completing  the product, service and system upgrades that we started last year as well as developing new products.  Well, at least the pandemic has had some positive outcomes!

1. New Product Launch
Our latest innovation is Renew – The Personal Development Profiler (PDP). The PDP is a short questionnaire exploring thinking styles. Specifically, it examines possible thinking errors that can occur during times of stress or change. Clearly, returnees to work may have issues due to the pandemic and changed working systems and practices. The PDP helps to surface these issues and offers developmental activities to help challenge unhelpful thoughts and consequent emotions.

2. Revised MAPP and all other Personality/Motivation Questionnaire Profile Charts and Reports
We have been working for some time on revisions and updates to MAPP’s profile charts, expert and candidate feedback reports. These have been designed to facilitate interpretation by MAPP Practitioners as well as line managers/untrained personnel. All other questionnaires have now been similarly revised i.e. Graduate Personality Profiler, Emotional Intelligence Profiler, Personality and Motivation Profiler, Influencing Styles Profiler, Leisure Services Profiler, Retail Staff Profiler, Work Preferences Profiler and Team Effectiveness Profiler.

3. Supra Series – Very High Level Critical Thinking Tests
Progress is well underway in the updating of the Supra Series. The new battery will continue to measure Verbal Critical Thinking, Numerical Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Thinking. In addition it will measure Abstract Thinking. If you can help with trialling, please let us know. We need subjects who are middle/senior managers or very high potential graduates.
4. All Ability Tests – Revised Reports
The reports for all our ability tests have also been revised to make them more accessible and less open to misinterpretation by line managers. These revisions incorporate the Short Verbal Test, Short Numerical Test, Verbal Comprehension Test, Numerical Reasoning Test, Data Entry Test, Proofreading Test and Technical Comprehension Test.

5. RQTU/Advanced Certificate in Psychological Assessment
Our e-learning experience for the past 11 years put us ahead of the game when lockdown and furloughing came in. The single largest area of uptake has been with our ACPA programme combining BPS RQTU qualifications with assessment/development centre techniques and behavioural interviewing skills. We have space for more delegates in July and August.